The promise of Ambient Intelligence for Smart Homes and Smart Living is to enhance our daily lives by enabling automated solutions that adapt to our habits and changing contexts. By interpreting home and appliance sensor data, Sentiance solutions for Smart Living contextualize in-home and household behavior to enable more intelligent, adaptive and proactive home automation and living assistance services.

Automation &

In terms of the smart home automation and convenience, ambient intelligent and connected sensory devices are being used to track household activities and routines —learning what people do, how they live, and their preferences—to make intuitive and data-based predictions regarding what users want and which action to perform. These can be as simple as turning connected devices and appliances on or off based on usage patterns, home occupancy and actual inferred context.

Sentiance Smart Home

Sentiance Smart Home solution used low-level motion (PIR) sensors and machine learning to create a behavioral map of the house and its occupants, including room function and occupancy modelling, home entry and exit detection, household activities and routines, and smart anomaly alerts. Our solution supports rules-based automation and notifications, based on both real-time and predicted context. Combined with our SDK-based mobile context solution, out-of-home location and activities can provide additional behavioral inputs to provide increased convenience, efficiency and security.

Smart Security

Keeping your home secure and protected goes beyond timely activation of alarm systems. Ambient Intelligence ensures continuous activity monitoring and anomaly detection and leverages an understanding in household patterns and real-time context to avoid false alarms. Security settings and notifications can be controlled and automated by rules leveraging both in-home and out-of-home context, with detailed activity reporting in case of reported breach or alarm.

Assisted Living

Ambient Intelligence can enhance the quality of life by providing context monitoring and behavioral coaching for people in need of assistance. Sentiance sensor based monitoring and notification system provides the necessary insights to care givers and family members, whilst allowing the older or vulnerable person to continue living in the home they love.