Our solutions:


Get an understanding of the mobility profiles & behavior of your audience. Start realizing a shift in mobility lifestyle by placing the individual at the center.


Today, mobile devices are the first go-to devices for communication and customer engagement. Sensor data create context-awareness for real-time marketing.


Creating a connected home environment to improve daily life with the help of unique self-learning and predictive approaches that enable real-time contextual assistance.


Lift the performance of your care applications with continuous lifestyle monitoring in real life. Align assistance and care to each individual’s routines with insights in activity and work-life related patterns.

From IOT to IOU:
Context-aware Assistance

Smart devices, services and applications that work on your behalf, adapting and conforming to your needs, intent and real-time context.

Creating a connected and contextual experience centered around YOU. Preempting and predicting your needs to deliver context aware assistance.

Understand the past

Start understanding the actions and motivations of your audience, using behavioral profiling.

Engage in the now

Engage with your audience leveraging real-time context awareness.

Predict & impact the future

Proactively assist your audience through predictive intelligence.






Our proprietary sensor fusion technology is designed
to intelligently process data from a wide range of sensory
devices: smartphones, wearables, appliances & IoT.



We apply computer modelling and learning
to make sense of the data by attributing situational
context and behavioral patterns.

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The generated behavioral insights and real-time
context will be actionable through APIs
for contextual user engagement and assistance.



The surroundings, circumstances, environment, background or settings that determine, specify, or clarify the meaning of an event or other occurrence.






Personal Assistance

Knowing your audience’s real-time situational context and inferring their needs and intents, allows you to provide personalized assistance, when and where they need it. Add value to the customer experience by empowering them every step through their journey.

Contextual Marketing

Understand your audience affinities and identify their situational context to provide the right message to the right person, at the right time and through the right channel. Connect brands with customers based on rich behavioral profiles & real-time context

Contextual Intelligence

Enrich your aggregated user data with behavioral context and patterns to harness new location, mobility, work and lifestyle insights. Repackage and monetize user data as anonymized population insights.

"Thanks to Sentiance we now understand more about the driving behavior of our client base than ever before. The high quality data that we now have access to will be driving improvements to our insurance offering and reward our loyal customers"

− Philippe Neyt - Commercial Director, Board Member Corona Insurances

"Teaming up with Sentiance means we are entering the era of context-aware technology, and how we can translate this into a better customer experience."

− Francis Declerq, Strategic Marketing at DVV Insurances

"In our partnership with Sentiance we are capable of delivering next generation context-aware recommendations in the media industry."

− Andy Brown, Managing Director at ImpressTV

"We chose for the accuracy and intelligence of Sentiance technology to feed our award winning and next generation mobility solution."

− Philip De Pauw, Director Mobility Projects at DragIntra Fleet Services