Hiring, renormalization, how touchscreens reshape our sensory processing and a dance performance that moves even pixels (#WIC)

This Week in Context we are hiring a VP of Sales Europe and additional Data Scientist, have a look at our industry’s must-know tech trends for 2014 and learn about renormalization, and how our smartphone usage is reshaping our brain’s sensory processing for our thumbs.

Mobile Sensors & Context at Strata and Image Recognition Now Gets The Entire Scene #WIC

Argus presenting about Mobile Sensors, Machine Learning and Context at Strata Europe, predicting shopping habits by bra size, image-recognition now understands the scene (aka context) and features – including emotion – for 650,000 audio files on AcousticBrainz.

Technology to Track Mental Health, and Smart Machines Need to be More Assertive #WIC

Why artificial emotional intelligence matters and the next frontier for ‘tracking technology’: keeping tabs on our mental health. We also feature our favourite quote from ‘deep learning’ guru Geoffrey Hinton’s Q&A on Reddit, attempt to visualise what smart and not-so-smart robots are thinking and hear that Google’s self-driving cars need to be taught to be…

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