• By Sin Mei C
  • May 27, 2014

Taking Jini to the next phase

Following one year of extensive testing and field trials, we’re taking the technology that fueled our Jini consumer experiment to the next phase. We are hereby decommissioning Jini as a consumer app and offering our technology as an SDK and API to anyone that is looking to build next-generation mobile solutions that want to use the behaviour and mood of their mobile audience.

With this post, I personally wanted to take the time to shed more insights as to our motivations to evolve beyond the confinements of a consumer app.

When founding Argus Labs, we wanted to make breakthrough technology in machine intelligence, enabling machines to reason, feel and respond autonomously to humans. While this research and development is an ongoing concern, we have reached an important first milestone.

Introducing behavioural and mood aware technology to the industry

We’re proud to announce that we’re one of the first companies, globally, that is capable of sensing context, behavioural patterns and the mood of mobile users.

As we’re introducing behavioural and emotion-aware solutions in the mobile advertising and media industry, our clients reaffirm our pioneering position we take in this space.

While the clarity of this vision continued to be the basis for our innovation, we did iterate over a couple of experiments as a preparatory phase of exploration and field testing in our early days. As a moment of reflection, we wanted to share some of our lessons learned by observing “Project Jini“.

Built on top of our Argus Labs cognitive computing platform, we released “Project Jini” in 2012 to an audience of private users, and registered over 12,000 daily active users.

This experiment was brought to life as a means to feed our algorithms and build more robust training sets of sensor data. Indeed, we wanted to learn how a personal assistant could be implemented on smart-phones, as well as observe how humans would respond to living with smart-agents.

Jini and the thing with mobile personal assistants

A mobile personal assistant should be capable of interpreting and reasoning about a wide range of topics in order to be really functional. Preferably in a multi channel approach. Just like Her.

So in order to pull this off, a huge – and endless – list of domain-specific knowledge would need to be accumulated. Currently, personal assistants are nothing but voice-based search engines that are capable of giving back latest soccer scores, schedule an appointment, provide weather updates and flight information. Our ambition, however, far exceeded the confined boundaries of a consumer app.

The consumer app embodiment was also too limiting in our ambition of monetization. Monetizing an intelligent consumer app, such as “Project Jini“, is not something that is scalable, nor feasible either. The cost of acquiring users is simply too high and the cost of staying relevant is simply ridiculous. In order to drive the cost of acquisition down, and acquire market share faster, it is a better deal to offer the same technology as a platform in a B2B context. Simple.

So in the end we learned that in order to truly thrive and get our technology in front and center of potentially billions of users, all we had to do was to simply change the package.

Argus Labs inside

We’ve learned that in order to truly build a cognitive computing platform that potentially fuels billions of handsets and devices, we should create exactly that. A layer. Not so much of an app.

So far, it has proven to be the right choice as we’re working hard to get our technology introduced in mobile operating systems, mobile advertising networks, music apps. And yes, even cars. But more on those partnerships later.

Obviously, we’re really excited to see how our technology is showing up in products worldwide, bringing us closer to our long term vision.

As you might have gathered already, we’re not going anywhere. More so, we’re really looking forward to become even more involved in your daily life than before.

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