• By Sin Mei C
  • May 7, 2014

Vincent Jocquet joins Argus Labs as Head of Operations & Finance

We’re super excited to welcome Vincent Jocquet as Head of Operations & Finance to the Argus Labs Squad! Vincent is an expert at analysing product iterations in high technology start-ups financed by venture capital. He’s also an early believer of the lean start-up movement, a method he avidly evangelised in his final thesis. Vincent has a Master degree as Commercial Engineer specialising in corporate finance and innovation management, and was part of the Transaction Advisory team of Ernst & Young. There he focused on valuation & business modelling for both SMEs and multinationals.

We’re glad to add someone with an extensive background in finance and business operations to our team. From that perspective, why did you decide to join Argus Labs?

V: Coming from a large professional services firm, I’ve challenged many business models of established companies, mostly with a proven track record in a well-defined industry. The trigger to join Argus Labs, in essence, is committing to make innovation happen and share the rush of building new things in a passionate team, putting me on the other side of the table.

We’re a reasonably sized start-up, in a reasonably sized city, in a small country, but with massive aspirations. Where do you see Argus Labs a year from now?

V: A year from now, I see Argus Labs as a passionate and well-managed company with cross-border visibility and a subsidiary structure that facilitates its growth potential.

As a human, user and consumer – what promise does AI hold for you?

V: I am convinced that artificial intelligence is the logical next step in improving the way we live by reducing the time we need to spend on cumbersome tasks and let us focus more on the things we genuinely like to do. In addition, artificial intelligence will also provide us with the opportunities to keep exceeding the limits of the previous generation.

You’re joining folks who love intricate context, emotional and artificial intelligence technologies. Complex administration? Less so. We’re really glad someone is going to thoroughly take care of that. But we don’t mind sharing. Do you have any advice for the Belgian startups who aren’t as lucky as to have you join. What are some good tips for dealing with the finances and investor relations?

V: Securing not only sufficient capital inflow but also the right type of financing is vital for a start-up as cash is inevitably king to facilitate the vision of its innovation. In addition to the capital accumulation, it is important to establish a clear and open communication between the founding and funding team, which creates the opportunity to align the strategic goals and at the same time provides adequate industry knowledge. Although investors are (mostly) exit-driven and (always) wish to receive the maximum return achievable, they act as the dress rehearsal for management, which may directly impact the validation of the business model, especially during the seed-capital phase.

I’m obliged to ask, what’s your preferred genre of music?

V: As a passionate guitar player, I’m a big fan of rock which, depending on the mood, drives me to the softer indie rock genre or cranks up my stereo with guitar solos and an occasional double bass drum.

Anything else we should know about you?

V: I practiced mixed martial arts for 6 years, am a zealous CrossFitter, love to travel and never shy a challenge that might turn into a great story.

We’re thrilled that Vincent will bring the experience acquired working with many established companies to Argus Labs. He’ll be joining us as of July 1st. If you have questions of your own for Vincent, you can reach him at vincent.jocquet@sentiance.com, or @VincentJocquet.

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