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  • April 18, 2014

Week in Context – About Habits, Being Human & Getting Personal

This Week in Context

Your Weekly Update on All Things Context, April 18 2014

Opinion & Vision

Marketers Need To Make A Habit Of Understanding Habit, because as much as 95 percent of consumer behavior is on autopilot. Habit experts explain that this high percentage is innate. From daily routines to the brands we buy, humans desire the simplified decision-making that habituation provides.

Emotional AI: The Human Side of Machine Learning. Many of the most interesting and challenging problems in machine learning aren’t about algorithms or implementation, but are those relating to the human side of machine learning or ’emotional AI,’ says Kira Radinsky in a video summary of her Strata Hardcore Data Science session.

Mobile Advertising: It’s Time To Get Personal. “The best mobile ads will provide relevant messaging, interactivity consistent with the mobile tactile experience, and appear to be seamlessly integrated into the mobile site or app in which they appear.”


“We’re basically wrapping a two-ton car
around an iPad.”
– Auto manufacturer executive
quoted in ‘Connected for a Purpose‘.

Personal Data Privacy

Can this Finnish company tackle privacy and get us paid for our data? Helsinki-based start-up Glome has created a “data wallet”, or something like a cross-platform online loyalty card. It’s a similar concept to the card you’re carrying for your grocery store – they collect better info on you as a consumer, and then you save money.

The “kill switch” will become standard in 2015, according to a pledge backed by most of the mobile world’s major players. Apple, Google, Samsung and Microsoft, along with the five biggest cellular carriers in the United States, are among those that have signed on to a voluntary program to develop a system for remotely disabling smartphones and wiping their data.


Google’s $50 modular smartphone should be available starting January. Project Ara’s basic “greyphone” will be rolling out in developing nations first. Google’s also developing technology that will do things such as measure your pupil dilation and scan your social networks to help you choose an Ara phone that matches your personality. (For me, they’ll probably end up recommending a waterproof phone with 3 batteries. ;))

The Galaxy S5 allows you to keep your finger on the most important pulse of all – yours. Galaxy S5 comes with a built-in heart rate sensor that lets you measure your heart rate with a simple touch, and self-tracking software focussing on fitness & health.

Papers, Research & Patents

Taming Data Complexity in Lifelogs: Exploring Visual Cuts of Personal Informatics Data has a look at analysing and summarising Quantified Self data, with the goal of helping self-trackers identify more meaningful and actionable findings. Particularly interesting are their thoughts on Discovery & Contextually Aware Feedback. (Paper)

Impact of Mobile Context-Aware Applications on Human Computer Interaction is a review of some context-aware applications in the health, advertising, home automation, disaster alert and lifelog industries. For advertising, they reference the conceptual iMAS’s advertising solution which is location-based & customisable. We believe a whole lot more context is needed for intelligent mobile advertising. (Paper)

An Ontology Oriented Architecture for Context Aware Services Adaptation In order to be able to provide users with personalized service, the paper analyses the characteristics and attributes of the user, and set up the user personalized ontology model via context in smart environment. (Paper)

User Behavior Modeling for Intelligent Mobile Companions  is a patent for an apparatus for modeling user behavior comprising at least one sensor (…) and predict an expected behaviour based on the behaviour model. (Patent)

Noteworthy Events for April & May

The Next Web Europe, Amsterdam – April 24-25
2,500+ attendees will travel to Amsterdam to discuss the latest web trends, learn about best business practices and meet the world’s influencers of technology & innovation, and the Argus Labs delegation. Let us know if you want to meet up! By tweet (@arguslabs), or mail (info@sentiance.com).

Make-A-ThonLeuven – April 26-27
The VRT (Flemish Radio & Television) wants to know how you see the future of Radio, TV & the Internet. Using moodboards, simulation, or bits ‘n bytes, how you want to see media a few decades from now.

NEXT Berlin 2014, Berlin – May 5-6
We’re taking part in the Startup Start-Up Pitch at Next Berlin 2014. You can vote for us until Monday. Thanks!

Job Offers

We’re actively hiring, and looking for all sorts of different profiles, such as a  Senior Data Scientist an  Senior iOS Engineer.

If you know someone who fits the profile, and would make for a great colleague, please pass this on!

Enjoy the Easter weekend!

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