• By Sin Mei C
  • November 15, 2013

Jini, Context, Personal Data and Privacy at O'Reilly Strata Europe

Last week, we got the chance to premier our contextualization platform to a large crowd at the O’Reilly Strata Conference in London.

This conference, tagline making data work, is one of the most prestigious conferences to attend, demo or speak for anyone active in the industry of big data, semantics or machine learning. So we could not have been more excited about being part of the Startup Showcase and ‘demo day’, and are grateful that you’ve selected us as the audience’s choice.

Thank you so much for your support, knowing that you like and champion our ideas for a future filled with context-aware technology means a lot to us!

If you came by at Strata, but missed out on grabbing a limited edition white paper, you can find the digital edition of ‘Putting Music in Context’ here.

Of course, one does not go to Strata merely to demo and talk. We’ve also caught quite a few interesting talks and keynotes.


“Data science without telling a story is like building bridges in the ocean,” was what O’Reilly Media’s Julie Steele pointed out in her talk. No matter how you look at it, the end goal of data science is storytelling. Be it a story about the world, your product, or – in our case – your users. We’re looking forward to doing exactly that: using our context platform to help you record and archive your Contextualized You, and to show this data in a way that it tells your story. And maybe, you’ll even allow us to give you a glimpse into the machinations behind your story, how your environment, mood and habits influence your story, your life.

I was glad to see that overall a lot of attention was paid to privacy, and doing data right. In her talk ‘Dodging the Digital Creep Factor’, designer Shelley Evenson stressed that users need to know what you and others can infer from their personal data, to be comfortable with your product or service. Usability and interaction design have an important role to play in this, as we’re making the tools for users to have control over which data is shared, and to guide them through what can be done with this data. An incredible fascinating presentation about the end of the Sharing Age, the start of the Doing Age and people expecting ownership, with many great takeaways about how to implement this for the Jini platform. So expect advanced tools for inferencing and control of your data.


Another presentation on correctly dealing with personal data was Aurélie Pols‘ ‘Digital Analytics & Privacy’. She clearly explained about the differences between US/UK and EU law and attitudes towards the gathering and using of personal data. After introducing us to the Privacy Tri-Partite, consisting of governments & international regulation organs, the businesses and the consumer, she shared a whole lot of practical tips on making sure you don’t get fired over data security breach.

I’ll also definitely remember Aurélie’s quote “If data is the new oil, is privacy the new green,” as it sits closely to my opinion that there’s huge business opportunities for companies that gain people’s trust by doing personal data right. Obviously, we want to do just that – set an example by treating personal data with respect.

My notes from some of the Strata Conference talks are gathered here on Flickr, and O’Reilly has made most of the slides and keynote videos available on the conference website – so not being in London last week, is no excuse for not knowing about the last trends and tools in the data industry. 😉

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