Why Facebook and Twitter Are Stripping Out Your Context

By October 11, 2013 Opinion 3 Comments


  • I’m at least glad that these services strip out the location data. I don’t want a bunch of strangers finding out my home address from a photo I post publicly on Twitter.

  • linda says:

    Yeah it’s not a bad thing at all that they strip GPS data. Stalker exes, pedophiles, and creepy internet detectives will do anything they can to track someone down, and EXIF data from social media pictures would be an easy target. I’m glad most of these sites strip that, because if they hadn’t, so many people would be vulnerable. Literally, think of the children.

  • Andrew C says:

    Please. All they need to do is provide an option for this, that is set to “off” by default: “Think of the children”?? That’s the usual excuse when our rights are taken away, too. Don’t parents bear some responsibility to watch and educate their offspring? These services should provide tools for parents and parents should use them, rather than these services taking away our ability to do what we want with our own images. If you think Facebook is doing this to protect your children, you are naive.

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