• By Sin Mei C
  • September 13, 2013

This Week in Context (20130913)

Intel preaches the coming of a context-aware future, components giant Qualcomm releases an exemplary smartwatch, and whilst the New York Times ponders on the privacy implications of a connected physical world, TechCrunch maps the Internet of Things landscape. 

  • Hands-on with Qualcomm’s Toq, the ‘digital sixth sense’ smartwatch
    Svend made us all watch this hands-on video presentation of the Toq Qualcomm smartwatch. We didn’t mind, at all: Toq is exactly the kind of device that can really profit from context-relevant content to display.
  • Intel Developer Forum: the context-aware app cometh Key take-aways from the Intel Lab presentations, as written up by Adrian Bridgwater: CONTEXT. If we want to see what computing can do for us next, applications and devices urgently need to become more context-aware. And this does not limit itself to your smartphone.. think for example of a context-aware headphone, which knows what tunes you wants to hear the moment you put it on.
  • Taking data analysis to a new plateau: Narrative Science raises $11.5M The start-up Narrative Science provides a platform called Quill that translates raw data into tangible narrative. CTO Kris Hammond explains the platform’s process as simply “mining data for meaning and insight.” He envisions a world where all people “can understand more because the system knows more.”
  • Making Sense Of The Internet Of Things The Internet of Things landscape has grown significantly in the last few years – and even months, as demonstrated in this overview of the elemental building blocks (protocols, operators, … and even incubators), horizontals (the platforms) and the verticals (apps & devices aimed at quantified self, health, lifestyle home automation, ..) by Matt Turck and Sutian Dong.
  • Room for Rebate: Privacy & The Internet of Things As the New York Times notes, when your shoes track every step, privacy becomes increasingly important. Do we need stricter, more up to date and global privacy laws? More secure engineering? Privacy by design? What are the benefits of the Internet of Things, and do they outweigh the sacrifice of  privacy?  What when the government joins that connected world?

In the mean while, this week at the Argus Labs HQ…


.. our Personal Analytics Site is getting in shape: more and more data sources are being added, each enriched by our context platform. And it does not only do ‘past & present times’, the platform can now tell us when David will (most likely) be listening to music, and knows when he’s likely taking his dog for a walk. Find more information on which direction our platform is heading at www.summerofcontext.com. We’ve also got our hands on some Necomimi ears. They aren’t the most subtle of ‘wearables’, nor are they ‘connected’, however they are an entertaining first introduction to consumer-targeted sensor devices that gauge your mental state. 

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