Intelligent wellbeing experiences

Real-time insights and coaching for healthier lifestyles to provide better care and improve the overall wellbeing experience.

What we can do for you



Anticipate your users’ next activities and engage.



Lifestyle-based services for each of your users.



Manage lifestyle to reduce health risks.

Quality Care

Quality Care

Support chronic disease management and independent living.

360° wellbeing profile

Profile your users based on their daily routine, habits and overall lifestyles to better understand and manage their potential risks.

Wellbeing-360 wellbeing profiling
Wellbeing-product notification

Wellbeing experience

Enhance the value of your wellness products. Use lifestyle detections and behavioral nudges to personalize the consumer experience.

Healthier lifestyle

Management of your users’ wellbeing.

Reduce your users’ health risks by engaging and coaching them towards a healthier lifestyle.

Healthier lifestyle notification

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Get the ultimate insights into your users’ behavior. Create personalized adaptive products and services and drive behavior change.

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Sentiance is a data science and behavior change company turning motion data into deep insights and creating positive changes for a better life.

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