Intelligent wellbeing experiences

Real-time insights and tips for healthier lifestyles, improving the wellbeing experience and better care.

What we can do for you


Anticipate your users’ next activities and engage.


Lifestyle-based services for each of your users.


Manage lifestyle to reduce health risks.

Quality Care

Support chronic disease management and independent living.

360° wellbeing profile

Profile your users based on their daily routine, habits and overall lifestyles to better understand and manage their potential risks.

Wellbeing experience

Enhance the value of your wellness products. Use lifestyle detections and behavioral nudges to personalize the consumer experience.

Healthier lifestyle

Management of your users’ wellbeing.

Reduce your users’ health risks by engaging and coaching them towards a healthier lifestyle.

Use cases

Health Insurance

An EU health insurer with over 4M users works with Sentiance to monitor the social and physical activity of specific customers.


Powering a first class lla CE-certified medical application that enables heart rhythm monitoring. It is able to detect heart rhythm disorders such as atrial fibrillation and ectopic beats.

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Get the ultimate insights into your users’ behavior. Create personalized adaptive products and services. Drive behavior change.

Sentiance is a data science and behavior change company that turns motion data into insights and creates positive changes.

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