Smart Home

Create smart homes and appliances that learn and adapt to human behavior and context. Enhance behavioral insights through analyzing in-home sensors and connected appliances.

Smart Security & Automation

  • Learn in-home habits and context through analyzing smart home sensors
  • Develop smart home products that automatically adapt to people’s in-home context
  • Adapt in-home experiences based on out of home context by combing insights with mobile SDK based solution.

Assisted Living

  • Use smart home and alarm sensors to establish behavioral patterns and routines
  • Identify deviations from behavioral norms to predict critical issues
  • Detect anomalies real time to enable timely interventions
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Case Study - Samsung Artik: creating a contextual Smart Home hub

Samsung is working with Sentiance to turn Artik’s open Smart Home platform into a contextual hub.  By analyzing signals from home motion and security sensors we create a contextual map of people's homes, determining room adjacency and function (kitchen vs living room vs bedroom). The algorithms also learn the household's activity patterns in each room (eg cooking, watching TV, showering, cleaning, ...).  This intelligence can be used to reduce the number of false alarms, regulate temperature based on how inhabitants live in the house and help smart devices in the house adapt to the people living there.

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