Optimize your fleet through driver and rider tracking and smart mobility recommendations. Optimize the commuter experience by tailoring it to individual needs and travel patterns.

Fleet management & Ride sharing

  • The most accurate, battery efficient and cost effective SDK based driver scoring solution on the market.
  • Measures mobile phone related distraction
  • Includes aggregate driver scores as well as individual driving events (brakes, turns, accelerations, …)
  • Learn out of car context for enhanced risk scoring and coaching

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Multimodal mobility management

  • Multimodal transport classification (car, train, bus, tram, biking, walking, …)
  • Map holistic mobility patterns of users
  • Develop new mobility-as-a-service solutions tailored to the specific needs and travel patterns of the user
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Case Study: Responsible ride sharing

One of the leading global ride sharing companies uses the Sentiance platform to score the driving behavior of their drivers based on the sensors in the drivers' smartphones. These sensors measure how smooth, anticipative and legal they drive.  And they measure how distracted drivers are by analyzing the movement of the smartphone. This information is used to coach drivers and make them drive more responsibly.

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