Leverage real-time behavioral data for enhanced risk profiling. Proactively coach your customers to live safer and healthier lives.

Car insurance

World class mobile sensor based driver scoring

  • The most accurate, battery efficient and cost effective SDK based driver scoring solution on the market.
  • Measures mobile phone related distraction
  • Includes aggregate driver scores as well as individual driving events (brakes, turns, accelerations, …)
  • Learn out of car context for enhanced risk scoring and coaching

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Health insurance

  • Tailor health coaching and treatments to individual lifestyles.
  • Use real time behavioral context to improve real time health nudges.
  • Assess health risks based on daily routines and lifestyle.
  • Engage customers through in depth behavioral feedback.

Home insurance

  • Monitor in home activity through smart home sensors.
  • Assess risk based on in home behavior.
  • Automate home settings to reduce risk.
  • Detect in home anomalies for fast response.
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Case study - RISK: introducing user-based car insurance

RISK (NL) is using Sentiance technology to introduce the next generation of UBI solutions by incorporating behavioral and contextual data. First generation UBI products focused on analyzing car data. The Sentiance-RISK solution also takes into account the broader behavior and context of the person driving the car.

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