Manage the customer journey based on real observed behavior and context. Optimize omnichannel customer experiences through personalization and real-time customer engagement.

Customer Journey management

  • Map individual customer journeys based on real observed data
  • Detect moments of truth and interact with customers real time.
  • Personalize interactions based on context and profiles.
  • Automate journey management through real time data feed

Contextual marketing

  • Target individual customers based on sensor based micro segments
  • Personalize offers, creative, channels based on profiles and real time context
  • Enrich existing marketing database with sensor based profiles and context

Behavioral research

  • Automate data collection for panels through IOT sensors.
  • Reduce costs of data collection through automation.
  • Build profiles and context in a matter of weeks.
  • Gather observed data in addition to more traditional declared data
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Case Study: Transforming the Loyalty experience

One of the world’s largest loyalty companies is using the Sentiance platform to personalize customer experiences.  The real-time customer context derived from the Sentiance platform is used to enhance the overall mobile customer experience, the e-commerce purchase flow as well as their loyalty program design.

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