Unlock the power of IOT data

IOT sensor data and activity detection

Sensor fusion and context awareness

  • Smartphone sensors: GPS, gyroscope, accelerometer
  • Wearable sensors: biometrics & vital signs
  • In-home sensors: motion sensors, smart appliances

Activity detection and context awareness

  • Behavioral SEGMENTS
    Aggregate user patterns, routines and affinities into behavioral segments and profiles
  • Contextual MOMENTS
    Detect and predict personal context based on the user’s current situation and historical patterns
  • Situational EVENTS
    Interpret sensor data in real-time to infer user location, transport mode and base-level activities

State of the art machine learning and behavioral modeling

  • Signal processing and machine learning.
  • Transport mode classification, venue mapping, map matching, home/work detection, semantic time modeling
  • Unsupervised learning of temporal routines and expected behavior.
  • Deep learning to predict expected events and moments before they happen.

Mobile SDK: designed for efficiency, built for accuracy

  • Available for Android and iOS.
  • Easy integration in mobile apps.
  • Optimized for accuracy and battery usage.
  • Minimal bandwidth usage during data collection.
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Scalable data processing and access

  • Hosted on Amazon Virtual Private Servers.
  • RESTful API for direct integration with any programming language or system.
  • Easy to process JSON resources.

Data governance and privacy

  • Compliant with European and international privacy and data protection regulation
  • No data collection without explicit user consent.
  • Full data encryption, on device and when transferred.
  • All data owned by our customers on a first-party data basis.
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