Safer and sustainable mobility

Get deep insights into your users’ mobility patterns, driving behavior. Create positive impact for your users and our planet.

What we can do for you



Anticipate your users’ next moves and needs.



Offer services based on the context of each journey.

Crash detection

Crash detection

Real-time crash detection without expensive hardware.

Safer drivers

Behavior Change

Change behavior to save lives and our planet.

Transport mode detection

Mobile telematics platform for MaaS and smart city projects, including first mile-last mile insights. We detect how your users travel in real-time, and you see why and when they choose one way over another.

Driver behavior insights

360° insights into your users’ driving behavior and trip context for UBI and driver-centric risk management.

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Mobility & Insurance

Crash detection

Save lives and improve your claims experience with our latest crash detection solution. Real-time detection, immediate notifications, crash reconstruction, fast claim processing.

Driver coaching

We change behavior by reducing phone usage while driving to make roads safer for everyone.

  • Real-Time Dashboard to Monitor Behavior
  • Dynamic Risk Reduction Advice
  • Tailored Challenges
  • Contextualized Coaching
Driver Coaching Overview - Sentiance
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Sustainable mobility

We recommend alternative micro- and eco-friendly mobility modes for first mile/last mile to reduce CO2 emission and contribute to sustainability.

Case study

Driver Profiling

Autoliv is the world’s largest automotive safety supplier, with sales to all major car manufacturers in the world. The Driving Avatar application aims to improve overall road safety. Driver profiles are created based on information collected from the mobile device to provide drivers with actionable insights into their driving behavior. Anonymized data is used to improve road safety products and algorithms. The Sentiance platform is powering the Safety Score developed by Autoliv.

UBI Insurance

RISK (NL) is using Sentiance technology to introduce the next generation of UBI solutions by incorporating behavioral and contextual data. First generation UBI products focused on analyzing car data. The Sentiance-RISK solution also takes into account the broader behavior and context of the person driving the car.

What we can do for you

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Sentiance is a data science and behavior change company turning motion data into deep insights and creating positive changes for a better life.

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