Mobile Engineer (Android)

  • Full Time Employee
  • China - Shanghai

We are on the hunt for a seasoned embedded mobile developer who is willing to optimize our solution within the Chinese mobile development ecosystem. Are you convinced that you fit the profile and that a fast-paced, high growth working environment would fit your skills ?

Then let’s talk.

You will be working on the Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK). What we offer you is not a classic app development job but a position that enables you to dive deep into low level embedded programming. In addition, you will also be supporting demo applications on the Android platform.

  • Tasks & Responsibilities
  •     Be responsible for the implementation of the Android build of the  Sentiance China SDK
  •     Bring the China SDK on par with our standard SDK despite the limitations of Android functionalities in China
  •     Optimize the SDK to work on most of the mainstream Chinese phones
  •     Do technical analysis, develop a deep understanding of low level Mobile APIs (scheduler, sensor handling, power management, …)
  •     Write technical documentation as part of the SDK documentation packs
  •     Participate in internal brainstorm sessions on SDK features
  •     Do Unit testing and regression testing, including automated testing
  •     Package and deliver demo apps from testing environments to live app store releases
  •     Support the team on ad-hoc tasks when necessary

Desired Skills and Expertise

  • You demonstrated progression and growth as an Android developer through past assignments developing applications
  • You have knowledge and experience of native development on the Android SDK and Android devices landscape
  • You know the constrains and limitations of Android development in the Chinese ecosystem and ways to circumvent them
  • Troubleshooting skills using data to find anomalies and test hypotheses
  • Ability to effectively communicate with third-party technical and sales teams
  • You have a thorough understanding of MVC design patterns and architectures
  • Proficient in both English and Mandarin


  • You have any experience with other mobile development environments (HTML5/Angular/CSS/JS, Tizen)
  • Basic knowledge using SQL and Kibana

Competitive Package

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