Behavior change for a better life and human-centric society

Insights are powerful. Behavioral change through personalized insights creates impact.

Behavior change framework

Sentiance Behavior change framework

Choose the right techniques for the right purpose

Based on your objectives and target group, we jointly choose the right behavior change techniques from our digital behavior change interventions framework.

This is a taxonomy of 93 behavioral change techniques and 16 hierarchical clusters. These techniques can be applied to any behavior, including purchasing, driving, health, and safety.

Sentiance Behavior Change techniques
Behavior-change-Contextualized coaching image

Contextualized coaching

In many theories of behavior change, the physical and social environment is a key determinant.

The environment is considered as a crucial determinant of behavior since it automatically triggers habits, despite the presence of internal drivers, such as high motivation and self-efficacy. Sentiance technology detects the personal context to help gain insight into habits and drive change at the right moment with the right approach.

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