We believe

The right use of data and good technology can and will improve people’s lives.

We breath science

Sentiance is an intelligence-driven data science and behavior change company. We turn motion data into contextual insights and use behavioral change to personalize engagement for safer and sustainable mobility and wellbeing experiences.

Sentiance powers the world’s leading companies through ethical AI for turning motion data into deep insights and creating positive changes for a better life. We help our clients with a methodology that combines strategy, product discovery, innovation, and monetization in an ethical and sustainable manner, delivering value to all players involved.

We understand real context

Understanding the context is the key for optimizing user experience. We believe in a world where actionable insights about an individual’s behavior and real-time context create positive impact on mobility, well-being, sustainable and human-centric economy. Positive behavior change by contextualized engagement.  Companies can offer hyper-peronalized solutions improving people’s lives. Cornerstoned by trust, fairness and ethical AI.

We are global.

Sentiance is driven by international talents that represent more than 20 nationalities. This is who we are and why we obsessively support our customers.

Let’s create new possibilities together!

Ethical AI & Privacy


We actively detect and mitigate potential algorithmic bias to avoid inequality.


Combining edge computing and back-end processing to act beyond GDPR requirements.


We focus on interpreting AI decisions when appropriate, avoiding black-box solutions.


Fall-back and human-in-the-loop mechanisms cope with unforeseen situations.

What makes us different

Strong Intelligence focus

Our talents from around the world deliver highly accurate and battery efficient solutions to ensure the best end-user experience.

Ethical AI

Our goal is to make the right use of technology that improves people’s lives while ensuring users’ data privacy.

Client obsessed

To maximize value for our clients, we bring user-centric correlation insights, and design end-to-end solutions.

For a sustainable human-centric economy

Mainstreaming sustainability

We incorporate environmental and social considerations into our technology and management decision-making. Sentiance works to make a difference and actively shape a better society and enable smarter living, for today’s and future generations.

Enabling a better world

We collaborate with like-minded partners and universities that also take sustainability into account in their business. We believe the right use of the best technology can create a better world.


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We’d love to build something amazing together.

Get the ultimate insights into your users’ behavior,
opening the door to personalized solutions and behavior change.

Sentiance is a data science and behavior change company that turns motion data into insights and creates positive changes.

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