We’re very passionate and determined about what we do at Sentiance. We believe in the promise of the Internet of You and we are throwing all of our guts and smartness in building the reference contextual engine to power a new generation of highly personalized and context-aware solutions. It takes the best and brightest across multiple disciplines and nationalities to create the next generation contextual platform at global scale. And the best part: we’re only getting started …


What it takes

At Sentiance, we work tirelessly to enable great stuff. Beyond great skill and smartness, it needs a key set of virtues; a common DNA that sets us apart.

Getting your ticket

If you’re passionate about what we do and believe you have the right DNA, we would love to hear from you. Send us your resume and impress us with the unique fit and contribution you could provide. If we think we are worth your time, we’ll start the hiring process with one or two phone interviews. These calls focus on the experience and skills you bring along and your passion for what we do at Sentiance. We’re prepared, we hope you are too! For technical functions, we typically schedule a technical test after the first phone call. If the phone interview and test go well, we’ll be really anxious to meet you and see if you have the right DNA. We’ll invite you to come over and visit our buzzing workplace. The only thing you need to do is to pack your things, we’ll coordinate everything else! Oh, and don’t worry about the ‘what to pack & what to wear’. We’re not in the fashion industry.

Open tickets

Cool companies are built by great teams. At Sentiance, we’re bringing contextual and situational experiences to millions of users worldwide. Do you have what it takes to join the hustle-bustle of a startup that is on fire?

We are looking to hire the following profiles for our offices.

Backend Engineer (Node.js)

You are passionate about customer-facing API’s, realtime services, building out a developer-friendly platform and visualizing data.

Technical Account Manager

As Technical Account Manager you are responsible for onboarding and executing client projects. This involves defining the technical scope of projects as well as completing projects on time, on target and within budget.

 Sales Engineer London

As a Sales engineer, you are responsible for working closely with sales to help prospective customers and partners understand the power of emerging technology like Sentience.

 Junior Data Engineer

You will work closely & interact with our Data Science Team as your work will contribute directly to the overall quality of ingested data and creative delivery of profiled data.

 Senior Data Engineer

You will be a part of our Data Engineering Team and you have a passion for building state-of-the-art innovative computing infrastructures.

Junior Data Scientist

As a junior data scientist, you are ready to start a new challenge in a fast-paced environment where you can use your programming skills to solve challenging data analytic problems.

Senior Data Scientist

As a senior data scientist, you have extensive experience with generative and discriminative classification and regression, linear and non-linear dimensionality reduction, predictive analytics and time series modeling.

iOS Engineer

You will be a part of the Data Engineering Team working on the Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK), this is not a classic app development position but focused on optimized background processing.

Senior Infrastructure Architect

You are an experienced tech professional and are passionate about site reliability engineering, cloud computing and operational excellence. You will be part of our Data Engineering Team and bring an energetic, creative approach to work.

Deep Learning Internship – Transport Mode

You will be part of our Data Science Team and will be working on developing a robust transport mode classifier using smartphone sensor data (GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, etc).

Deep Learning Internship – Biometrics

You will be part of our Data Science Team and will be working on developing an on-device user authentication system based on mobile sensor data.

Deep Learning Internship – ChatBot

You will be working on developing a chatbot that can correctly respond in human understandable language to a user’s questions about her timeline of events.

Management Assistant

We’re looking for someone who can let our management thrive at what they do best and take full ownership of what needs to be done to make their life easier.

Meet the team

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