Sin Mei Chiu – Marketing Coordinator

Sentiance will be presenting the Sentiance Context Suite at The Next Web Conference Europe in Amsterdam, and is selected for the Boost competition. Visit our booth for a demo, and attend the Sentiance Pitch on Friday.

The TNW Conference Europe needs no introduction. Not only is TNW one of the most read technology news outlets out there, every year the event hosts an impressive mix of promising startups, innovative SMEs, inspiring brands and outright brilliant speakers.

This year is no different. The 2015 speakers list features Amazon’s CTO Werner Vogels, Google’s VP of Infrastructure Eric Brewer and Neelie Kroes. Other companies represented on stage are TomTom, Prezi, Philips International, PayPal, Uber and so forth. Shortly summarized, the world’s influencers of technology and innovation.

These are exactly the people we want to show our product to, and we are excited to be given that opportunity with the Boost programme.

sentiancecontextsuite_to_solution_boost_tnw_smBoost’ed: Sentiance on Stage

We will take part in the pitch competition, introducing the Sentiance Context Suite to TNW and a selections of investors, amongst which VC firm henQ which has committed to invest €100k in one Boost startup.

A most exciting product, a growing market and demand, a solid plan and a stellar team – presented to you in a 180 unmissable seconds pitch. Place to be is the Green Stage, where Sentiance our founder will kick off Friday’s Boost session.

Visit us at TNW Europe for a Sentiance Context Suite demo

If you would like to see for yourself how our events, moment and contextual profile detections work, visit our demo booth with the delegation.

We will most gladly demonstrate to you how Sentiance translates sensor data into realtime behavior and context information, how we take ‘context-aware’  beyond the geofence, and how this helps you to interact with the right customer at the right moment.

Feel free to ask us about the possibilities for improving engagement and experience this opens up for your industry. We are experts at driving behavior and context for intelligent media recommendations, and would love to brainstorm how we can help you create more compelling and convenient experiences for advertising, retail and healthcare.

Sentiance will be represented at the TNW Conference by our CEO Toon Vanparys, Founder our founder and SVP EMEA Abbas Tahzib. Have a look at their photos so you can spot them in the crowd. If you would like to meet one of them in particular – just reach out by email to schedule a meeting ahead.Sin Mei obtained a bachelor degree in Intercultural Relations and has gained diverse marketing experiences in the retail and events industry.

She started her career at the first online diamond jewelry shop in Belgium, which fueled her interest in digital marketing. Her international mindset led her to move to Hong Kong for a year, in order to further develop her versatile skills set.

Before starting at Sentiance, Sin Mei immersed herself in the events industry where she helped set up several industry trade shows in Belgium.

Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.

– Edgar Allan Poe