Tracking of health related behavior makes health coaching more personalized, pro-active and preventative.

If we can start to close the gap between clinical evidence and practice when it comes to lifestyle choices and care adherence, society stands to gain massively in terms of cost. At the same time, individuals, whether they are healthy or have a medical condition, can look forward to a significantly improved quality of life.

Our sensor based, contextual intelligence platform allows you to lift the impact of your application to the next level in several ways.

Behavior modification

Understand each individuals profile when it comes to work/life, activity, mobility, social activity level and other elements of lifestyle. Enable automated, context aware assistance at the individual level. Make coaching hyper-personalized, proactive and preventative.

Remote monitoring

Gauge the impact of interventions on daily behavior and lifestyle. Understand what is happening in-between caregiver, coach or medical contacts in an objective way. Detect anomalies, deteriorations and improvements in functioning in daily life. Act (only) when necessary and prevent more costly interventions. Contextualize data obtained from IoT devices such as wearables, glucose monitors or scales.

Population management

Gain insights into the habits, routines, lifestyle and interests of your population. Identify sub-groups in your population that need more or less or a different type of support than others, so as to optimize your investments for maximum performance. Set up alerts/triggers in case certain anomalies, changes in habits and lifestyle occur so as to pre-empt deterioration. Merge contextual information and profiles with your own data to enrich them.

Care & medication adherence

Our current medical system focusses on sporadic interaction between care providers and those who receive care. Little is known about what happens in real life, in between those sporadic interactions, how lifestyle is impacted by disease and medical conditions and to what degree therapeutic and lifestyle recommendations are actually adhered to.

Sensor based AI can help you align care and assistance with real-life health and activity patterns, including detection of sudden or gradual changes in those patterns, allowing providers to personalize and contextualize their support and assistance depending on the observed habits and activities of an individual.

Lifestyle coaching

37% of premature deaths are due to modifiable behaviors. Nonetheless, changing behavior can be challenging. Improve engagement and reduce drop out ratio’s with a personalized approach fine-tuned to each individual’s circumstances and adherence challenges.

Assisted living

Studies show consistently that home care leads to lower overall cost, better patient outcomes and greater individual satisfaction than institutional care, even in patients with severe morbidities.

With intelligence added to home sensors you can track the functioning and wellbeing in an individual as well as in a population and see how patterns of cooking, showering, sleeping, leaving the house and more evolve. Smart alerts can help you to check in or intervene when it is required.