Contextual marketing refers to the ability to tune marketing content and campaigns to customer context in real-time. Context, more than anything else, defines needs and intent. Understanding a customer’s situational context, especially when enriched with other behavioral profile or demographic data, will enable companies and brands to deliver more relevant and engaging customer experiences.

Contextual marketing unlocks the holy grail of marketing: delivering the right message to the right person, at the right time and place.

Situational Context &
Behavioral Profiling

Smartphones come with a range of built-in sensors and as such have the capability to track our footprint in real-life. Very much as tags and cookies allow websites and digital service providers to track our online footprint. Leveraging state of the art mobile sensor fusion and machine learning, Sentiance ambient intelligence technology can track a person’s location, movement and activities in real-time. Based on proprietary classifiers and behavioral pattern modeling, these mobile events are translated into meaningful situational context and rich behavioral profiles.


At home, at work, at

Shopping activities
& routines

Semantic time: morning, lunch,
afternoon, evening, night

Dining activities
& routines

Commuting activities & routines,
business & leisure travel

Sport & recreation activities & routines,
entertainment & cultural events


Life style: home & work location, family
composition & life stage, work patterns

Food: resto-lover, preferred

Mobility: preferred transport modes,
driving behavior, commute patterns

Entertainment & recreation:
hobbies, passions

Shopping: category,
frequency, loyalty

Health: activities
(walker, runner, biker), sports

Personalized & Contextual Customer Engagement

Combine behavioral profiling and marketing automation to drive real-time and contextual customer marketing in order to drive retention and increase ARPU.

  • Rich behavioral profiles

    Build rich behavioral insights into your customers’ preferences and affinities by tracking work and life style activities, patterns and routines through mobile sensors.

  • Single customer view

    Merge observed behavioral insights with declared customer data and cross-channel interaction and transaction data to create a single and contextualized view of your customer activity profile.

  • Personalized experiences

    Develop and deliver highly personalized and context-aware experiences, through offerings and content tailored to your customers’ lifestyles patterns, affinities and real-time context.

  • Contextual interactions

    Interact with your customers at the right time and through the right channel by aligning your contact strategies in real-time to their situational context (location, time, activities).

  • Proactive and predictive engagement

    Reduce churn and maximize cross-sell by anticipating your customers’ intentions and proactively engaging in the contextual moments that matter most, leveraging deep learning to predict context.

Context is king:

Context is what shapes moments of truth, the so-called mobile micro moments that matter most in driving engaging experiences and strong conversion.

Contextual Advertising & Location-Based Services

Turn qualified usage and behavioral data into anonymized customer segments for highly targeted and real-time advertising and location-based services.

  • Contextual & data-driven advertising

    Leverage behavioral profiling and real-time context to build highly qualified
    and anonymized segments for targeted and real-time advertising.

  • Omni-channel & proximity services

    Harness behavioral insights and context to integrate with retail beacons and geofences for relevant location-based notifications and services.

Smart Life Assistance

Be more relevant in your customers’ digital lives: empower customers to control, manage and enhance their daily life experiences through the use of connected and context-aware digital services.

Become your customers’ personal assistant by providing smart recommendations, coaching and assistance mapped to their behavioral routines, preferences and real-time context.
From smart home and entertainment services, to connected health and smart mobility coaching.

"Sentiance have proven to be a dynamic and future focussed partner whose commitment to using state of the art technology and accurate data is the perfect complement to our determination to deliver our clients truly personalized engagement with their customers."

− Anne Parsons, Managing Director at Cherry London