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How AI drives the mobile contextual revolution

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Introduction In “Predictions 2016: The Mobile Revolution Accelerates”, Forrester forecasted that by the end of 2016 more than 25% of companies will consider mobile not as a channel, but as a fully integrated part of their overall strategy. Moreover, the research firm expects customer-focused companies to take personalization to the…

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Expect Context-Aware Computing and Personalized Cross Channel Engagement at Digital First

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Digital First is Belgian’s biggest event on interactive marketing, covering the latest innovations in e-commerce, data and marketing automation, digital media and, of course, mobile. Our Founder our founder, who will go into depths on how context-aware computing drives higher conversion and mobile engagement with his talk Context-aware computing and personalized cross channel engagement.

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Advertising Technology Expert Frank Verbist on Emotion-Aware Mobile Marketing

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Digital advertising technology enthusiast Frank Verbist has twenty years of experience in technology development and startups. Six of these he worked at IgnitionOne, leading the team that built one of the first User profiling and Real Time Bidding platforms. Frank is co-founder of early-stage technology investment fund Strike4, and member…

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