Branka Mitrovikj – Marketing Coordinator

Branka obtained a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering in Skopje, Macedonia. Following the bachelor studies, she enrolled for Master studies in Management Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. After living for two years in Italy, she moved to Belgium and worked in automotive industry as marketing coordinator. She developed various marketing skills, from online and offline marketing to event management.

She worked on projects, focusing on growth hacking and customer adoption through rapid experimenting using social media and viral marketing. Namely, boosting the brand’s online traffic, conversions and engagement on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter.

Branka is passionate about technology. Particularly interested in following the trends of exponentially growing technologies, such as 3D printing, AI, robotics, digital manufacturing, nanomaterials, etc.

“In today’s hyperlinked world, solving problems anywhere, solves problems everywhere.” 
― Peter H. Diamandis

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