• By Sin Mei Chiu
  • February 24, 2016

Christie Jacobs joins Sentiance to tame the office tangle

Two weeks ago, we welcomed Christie Jacobs. Christie joins the Sentiance team as Office Manager. She holds a bachelor degree in Latin American studies and worked in the hospitality industry for several years.

You have been working as a flight attendant for the past couple of years, and now you landed (pun intended ;)) a job in the startup scene. Do you think it will take some time getting used to work in a tech environment? 

Working as a flight attendant and working in a tech environment are obviously two completely different worlds. As a flight attendant I had to work more with people and I had to deal with safety issues. It also gave me the opportunity to learn a bit more about different cultures. Switching to an office job will take a bit of time to adjust which is only normal I suppose as my office used to be 10km up in the sky.

You just moved from sunny Dubai to rainy Belgium, how is that going for you so far? 

I’ve really been enjoying myself in Belgium so far, even though I am still settling in. All of my colleagues and the people I’ve met have been really friendly and helpful. Considering I’m Dutch it was also not that hard to adapt to Belgium.

What does your daily schedule look like? 

In the morning I check some agendas and go through my emails. Afterwards I make a to do list for the day. During the day I will make sure that the office is clean and organized. I will also take care of any requests I receive from my colleagues, and will help them as much as possible so they can fully focus on developing our Ambient Intelligence platform.


How are you going to ensure the office runs smoothly at all times?

Being properly organized is definitely key to making sure the office runs smoothly all the time. I like to make sure everything is in its right place, so people don’t have to lose time looking for things. Setting up a schedule and reminders is also crucial in staying organized. And of course you need to know how to prioritize things, it makes it a lot easier for me to get started and makes it harder to procrastinate.

There’s an increasing shift to home-working, what is needed to make the working environment optimal and appealing so co-workers want to come to the office?

I believe a clean, comfortable and well-decorated office will keep employees wanting to come to the office. I also think it’s important that employees feel valued and appreciated. Organizing some fun group activities from time to time might contribute as well. I hope we can plan some more team activities in order for colleagues to get to know each other better.

You’ve probably installed Journeys on your phone by now, what do you think your sensor data will say about you?

It will probably say that I’m a shopaholic and that I’m brand loyal. I tend to go to the same supermarket every day as this is just the most convenient for me. It will also say that I am a city worker and that I enjoy a fun night out. During the week I spend most of my time at the office in Antwerp and during the weekends I like to be active. As I just moved to Belgium I will be spending lots of weekends discovering new places.

What type of music are you into?

In general, I only like to listen to music when I am working out or right before I go to bed. I prefer listening to dance music when I work out, it keeps me motivated and it helps me to push myself harder so that I get the most out of my workouts. Before I go to bed I usually listen to relaxation music.

Welcome to the Sentiance team!

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