• By Vincent Jocquet
  • May 13, 2015

Sin Mei Chiu joins Sentiance as Marketing Coordinator

sentiance_sinmeichiu_webI’m pleased to introduce you to Sin Mei Chiu, who is joining Sentiance as Marketing Coordinator.  Sin Mei holds a bachelor degree in Intercultural Relations and comes with diverse marketing experience which she enthusiastically cultivated in the retail and events industry. She started her career at the first online diamond jewellery shop in Belgium, which fueled her interest in digital marketing, and her international mindset even took her to Hong Kong for a year.

Welcome thus to a Belgian company with international ambitions, Sin Mei! How did you hear about Sentiance, and what made you think “I want to work there!” ?

As I was looking for a new opportunity, I bumped into Sentiance on LinkedIn. Reading about how this start-up company is developing novel mobile data technologies triggered my interest immediately. My curiosity led me to the company website, where I learned about Sentiance’s rather revolutionary technology. It got me really excited about the endless possibilities and I believe at that point my mind was pretty much set on getting the job.

You are joining us as Marketing Coordinator. A Marketeer’s job is diversified, to say the least. What should always be the top three priorities, do you think?

I don’t think marketing priorities are a static thing, especially in this ever-changing dynamic environment. For now I would say my top three priorities are branding, profiling and data. Branding: this would entail, telling the Sentiance’s story in order to achieve proper diversification. Profiling: first getting an understanding of our clients and then translating this into relevant interactions, which would then ideally be beneficial to the acquisition of new customers. Data: collecting, analysing and managing data to help improve and develop marketing endeavours.

We have context information at our fingertips. Do you plan to use the Sentiance Context Suite in your own marketing efforts?

I believe it will be very interesting to get some insight on the behavioral data within the Sentiance Context Suite to enable creation of more personalized interactions/communications with potential users. This would give us the opportunity to reach out to our clients in the way they could potentially reach out to theirs (using Sentiance’s technology).

What is your favorite piece of software or marketing tool? You can pick only one!

Can I cheat and pick the Internet? Unlimited access to any marketing and graphic tool you can imagine; it doesn’t get any better than that!

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or G+?

Among those, I would have to say Instagram. I am a very visual person and I find Instagram to be quite inspiring. I like the simplicity of it; no nonsense just images (as a foodie, I don’t mind the perpetual amount of food pictures). Reading up on LinkedIn’s articles is also a nice way to feed the (hungry) brain from time to time.

If you could pick any conference or trade show for Sentiance to attend, which one would it be?

I am still new to this industry so I unfortunately can’t really say from experience, which would be my first pick. We are in the insights and interaction innovation industry and there are countless conferences and events covering these topics across verticals. I will have to do some more research before answering that one.

I’m curious to see which ones Sentiance will be attending! Last but not least, what song should we play for you during Friday Happy Hour?

I like different types of music depending on my mood or the setting, so choosing one song is rather hard. Why don’t you surprise me?

Sin Mei is all set to start marketeering this Monday. If you want to reach out to her – maybe you have a conference or trade show to suggest? – you can do so at sinmei.chiu@sentiance.com. Reach her by tweet at her personal account @sinmeic. Sin Mei will be manning the @sentiance account as well. And who knows, maybe we’ll even get an Instragram? 😉

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