• By Sin Mei Chiu
  • March 25, 2015

About going global & hunting data scientists at the Data Innovation Summit

filipmaertens_vincentspruyt_DISTomorrow the Data Innovation Summit: Made in Belgium takes place at the AXA headquarters in Brussels. We are particularly looking forward to this event, that will gather several Belgian actors facilitating data innovation. Both Sentiance Founder our founder and Chief Scientist Vincent Spruyt will present Ignite talks.

The Data Innovation Summit, organized by datascience.be, lists over 50 expert speakers. Topics covered are the data innovation ecosystem, business cases and different ways to extract value from data, data-driven management, and the hottest starting data companies, such as DataLayer, Datylon, Predicube, and of course, Sentiance.

Growing a data science startup & going global

Representing Sentiance, our founder (@sentiance) will talk about the challenges of the data science startup when going global. Expect an up-tempo and engaging Ignite talk covering having a solid game plan, financing strategy, productizing solutions, keeping R&D local, and building a stellar data team. “Data scientists need to be hunted,” Maertens asserts.

Working as a Data Scientist at Sentiance

Chief Scientist Vincent Spruyt (@vincent_spruyt) will describe exactly what rare specimens we are hunting for, and talk about the ways we take great care of them once caught. To strengthen our already multidisciplinary team, there are a few skill sets and personalities Spruyt would love to see added to the growing group of Sentiance data research & development team. Attend our Chief Scientist’s Ignite presentation, and talk to him afterwards to find out if you are a match.

If you are attending the Data Innovation Summit tomorrow, and would like to discuss Sentiance’s context solutions for mobility, recommendations, UBI and marketing, or chat about one of the talks do come and say hello. We will also be keeping an eye on Twitter, with @sentiance joining the data innovation conversation.

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