• By Sin Mei Chiu
  • February 26, 2015

Kevin Mets joins Sentiance Data Science Team

sentiance_website_kevinmetsExciting news at Sentiance, as Kevin Mets is joining our machine learning team. As a data scientist, Kevin will use his research experience to further expand our product offering for behavioral profiling and real-time context detections using mobile sensor data.

Hi Kevin, we’re thrilled to have you on board. Are you ready to change the world?

Kevin: Yes, I’m really thrilled to change the world, and really glad to have joined the data science team at Sentiance.

You’ll be joining our team as a data scientist. What is data science all about and why didn’t we hear about data science 10 years ago?

Kevin: Data scientists are masters in juggling data around and extracting knowledge from it. We have been doing this for a long time, but things have been changing. These days, we have access to huge amounts of data from many different sources. We’re no longer limited to small data, but in addition we need to deal with big data that is being collected in a fast pace. Looking at all the sensor data that can be gathered from mobile devices alone, the possibilities are already endless as shown by the great work from Sentiance team.

The Internet-of-Things will further boost the amount and diversity of available data. To handle all this data, we need a broad skill set with experience in mathematics, statistics, and computer science. Pure mathematics and statistics skills are no longer sufficient, we need to be code ninjas too. In addition, we need to be part artist when creating stunning visualizations to communicate our findings. It’s really exciting do be doing data science.

Your PhD research was about user profiling and optimizing electric grid provisioning in a smart way. How can automatic user profiling add value to our every day life?

Kevin: User profiling and context-awareness will make apps and services really understand their users and their behaviors. We need to be able to reach out to the right persons at the right time. Part of my research was focused on ways to automatically change and optimize energy consumption patterns. User profiles and context-awareness are essential to make sure that users don’t experience any discomfort when doing this. Clustering algorithms were used to get more insight in these energy consumption patterns.

(Kevin’s ‘Optimaal en Schaalbaar Beheer van Slimme Elektrische Netten met Elektrische Voertuigen’ research will be presented Monday, March 9th at 18h30 at iMinds, Gent. If you would like to attend, let Kevin know before March 2nd.)

Big data requires big tools. What are your favorite tools for cluster computing and machine learning while ensuring horizontal scalability?

Kevin: Talking about big tools for big data I’m really excited about the Apache Spark. Looking more specifically at machine learning tools, I’m a big fan of python based tools such as numpy, scikit-learn, pandas, theano, etc. These are some great tools that make data science really fun to do.

You just installed our SDK. How do you think that our behavioral profiling AI will describe you in a few weeks?

Kevin: The behavioral profiling AI will quickly discover that I use public transport and my bicycle a lot, e.g., to get to and back from work. It will also pick up that I’m a bit of a night owl. When I’m not juggling around data, I like to spend quality time with my family and friends. I love to travel to distant places and will make sure to feed the AI data from all over the world.

Kevin joined our forces last Monday and immediately started working on trip purpose prediction. So if you would like to know where you are most likely heading after reading this post,  feel free to get in touch with Kevin by e-mail (kevin.mets@sentiance.com) or Twitter (@kemets).

As for likely destinations, building out a stellar data science team in Belgium and going global, Sentiance Founder our founder will be speaking at Data Innovation Summit: Made in Belgium, March 26th. We would love to see you there and talk data.

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