• By Sin Mei C
  • October 15, 2014

Expect Context-Aware Computing and Personalized Cross Channel Engagement at Digital First

Digital First is Belgian’s biggest event on interactive marketing, covering the latest innovations in e-commerce, data and marketing automation, digital media and, of course, mobile. Our Founder our founder, who will go into depths on how context-aware computing drives higher conversion and mobile engagement with his talk Context-aware computing and personalized cross channel engagement.

In an age where computing is everywhere, consumers are no longer actively seeking out the internet or information. It is up to us to bring that information to them, in a way that is helpful, welcome and – most important – engaging. To rise above the noise that marketing has become we need to be ‘on target’ – we need to deliver the right message at the right time.

People no longer have ‘online routines’, rather online has become a big part of their daily routine. As such, the right time is no longer defined as “on a Tuesday, between 8 and 10am”. The right time has become a short moment in time, a combination of happenings, when a consumer is ready to engage with your brand. When he needs you. When he expects you to be there.  A moment impossible to nail down on your own, but easily computed by intelligent machines digesting the relevant data. Machines pre-programmed with knowledge relevant to your industry, and the capability to continue learning on their own.

You do not only need to show up at the right moment, you also need to present the right information. Relevant to precision. Yet, you are hesitant get too personal.  You don’t want to be seen as ‘being wrong’. You don’t want to come off  as creepy. Currently personalisation privacy-concerns are often dealt with by obscuring the personal message to appear to be none-invasive, playing dumb. We believe that truly smart, intelligent and ‘sensitive and responsive’ apps, engaging in a context-aware manner do not need to play pretend-dumb. They are more than ready to openly show what they are capable of, proving their added value to both consumers and marketeers.

The exact same sentiment was reflected at IAB Engage:

How they’ll do this? Context-aware computing and personalised cross channel engagement will clarify the ambient intelligence paradigm, and take you from the artificial intelligence to sensor fusion to personalized, adaptive and even anticipatory engagement.  Digital First, the Mobile Stage, 10:50am. We predict you’ll be there! 😉

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