• By Sin Mei C
  • September 19, 2014

Smart Data through Contextualisation, Telematics and Human Cyber Consciousness (#wic)

This week on the Argus Labs blog we have for you an in-depth interview with our new hire Koen Willaert on affective computing, empathic technologies and the Metaverse. Or five must reads are about Smart Data, Usage Based Insurance (UBI), business models for the IoT, human cyber consciousness and robo-ethics.

This Week in Context

Your Weekly Update on All Things Context, September 19 2014


“Perhaps one of the greatest challenges in correctly applying intelligent and context aware technology isn’t so much the technical issues, but rather making user experiences that are so frictionless and adaptive, so that mobile users can spend less time on their smart phones and more time engaging with their environment.”

– Argus Labs Founder @sentiance at the Re.Work Technology Summit London (#ReWorkTech)

5 Must-Reads

1. From Big Data to Smart Data: Personalisation and Contextualisation

Personalising and contextualising data for customer targeting is the next step in the evolution of big data. And some brands are already on their way there. For example, Kraft better targeted to health conscious customers, after watching closely to see what one of their brand’s core customers (moms) did all day and at night.

2. Telematics Data Can Earn Insurance Discounts For Fleets

More and more insurance companies are getting in on the telematics trend. In ‘Telematics Data Can Earn Insurance Discounts For Fleets‘, Business Solutions Magazine covers the increased interests in usage-based-insurance (UBI). – (Hat tip: Frank Verbist)

3. How the Internet of Things Changes Business Models

For Harvard Business Review, Gordon Hui (@gordonhui) writes about value creation and value capture (aka, your business plan) for the connected world. He shows how when everything talks to everything else, marketing, design, and the three generic strategies – differentiation, cost leadership, and focus – will see dramatic changes.

4. Virtually Human: human cyber consciousness

Interview with Martine Rothblatt, who leads the the Terasem Movement, an organisation that seeks to transition human consciousness from a living person to a cyber conscious human through uploading “mind files” that represent the information that makes that individual unique.

5. Ethical Trap: Robot Paralysed by Choice of Who to Save

Nature covers a robot ethics experiment, where when having to decide which of two automatons (representing humans) to save, 14 out of 33 times the robot programmed to prevent them from falling just could not make up its mind in time: both humans went down the whole. In some cases, it saved one proxy while letting the other perish, while in others, it saved both.

A Work of Art & Tech

The Muses of Poetry‘, is a interactive installation that combines semantic analysis, real-time graphics, Text-to-Speech, Automatic-Speech-Recognition. This human-computer interaction gives machine an “understanding” of the emotional content of poems, as well as the ability to transmit the affective content of the poems through facial expressions, visual cues, and voice rhythm.

Papers, Talks & Research

  • Let me Listen to Poetry, Let me See Emotions (HCI, affective computing, emotion, paper)
  • The Moment: a mobile tool for people with depression or bipolar disorder (emotion, emotion, data visualisation, demo poster)
  • AR and Gamification Concepts to Reduce Driver Boredom and Risk Taking Behaviours (automotive, ubiquitous computing, ISWC14, paper)
  • You activity tracker knows when you quit smoking (smoking detection, ubiquitous computing, wearables, ISWC14, paper)
  • Exploiting usage statistics for energy-efficient logical status inference on mobile phones (smartphones, behaviour, ISWC14, paper)
  • Group Activity Recognition Using Belief Propagation for Wearable Devices (activity recognition, wearables, ISWC14, paper)

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