• By Sin Mei C
  • May 2, 2014

Tomorrow's customers need you to stop being pushy, and start being prepared

Great expectations – Consumers are asking for tomorrow, today, a study by the IBM Institute for Business Value of 30,000 consumers in 16 countries, shows that people are more than ever willing to share their current location via GPS (from 19 percent in 2011 to 36 percent in 2013). About half of the surveyed consumers are neutral about SoLoMo (social handle, location, mobile number) initiatives.

“The good news is that the majority of shoppers are neutral-to-positive about sharing this information with retailers. This seems to indicate that retailers need to clearly communicate the benefits to shoppers of sharing their SoLoMo contact information. However, with 17 to 28 percent of respondents deeming such sharing as negative, retailers will need to be very well-targeted when communicating about these activities.”

– Great Expectations, IBM, 2014

Great expectations for SoLoMo & personalisation

Especially the segment identified by IBM as Trailblazers have high expectations for SoLoMo & personalisation capabilities of both online and offline shopping. Although the Trailblazers represent only 12% of consumers, they are comfortable with shopping in multiple channels, they have a higher than average income level, a high social engagement and they enjoy shopping online. Technology adoption trends suggest this group will only become larger in the future.

The Trailblazers want to do things for themselves, wherever and whenever they want. Instead of simply receiving communications (such as emails or sales announcements), they want to start the conversation, when they are ready to shop.

More than the consumers in any other segment, Trailblazers are looking for on-demand personalised promotions, product information and communications online and offline.

Don’t be pushy, be prepared

The most agile shoppers, Trailblazers have little patience, and will switch retailers instantly if their requirements are not met. Make sure there’s obvious value in them sharing their location, social handles, and posts with you. Whenever and however they visit your brand, either in store, online or through mobile, you ought to know what they want from you at that moment.

Tone down the interrupts, stop shouting at them. Invite them in personally. With an offer that’s just right for them.

When they come to you – whatever channel that’s on, make sure you’re ready for them and that you understand what each specific customer is looking for, so you can serve it to them instantly.

The Trailblazers are tomorrow’s customers.
So stop being pushy, start being prepared.

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