• By Sin Mei C
  • April 25, 2014

Week in Context – State of Mobile Advertising, Schema.org Actions and Big Data Week

This Week in Context

Your Weekly Update on All Things Context, April 25 2014


Opinion & Vision

Opera MediaWorks published the State of Mobile Advertising for Q1 of 2014. For the first time, Android has surpassed Apple’s iOS Mobile Ad traffic, however Apple still leads for revenue. Android’s still lagging on tablets compared to the iPad.

Image credits: Opera MediaWorks, State of Mobile Advertising 2014 Q1

Social-networking services are still the number 1 for traffic volume, whilst arts & entertainment generate most revenue. Read the full report here on operamediaworks.com.

Schema.org – one of the organisations driving the Semantic (and thus machine-understandable) Web – announced the release of a new action vocabularySeevl’s Alexandre Passant wrote an interesting introduction to how these actions can help with personalisation of web 2.0 experiences, and even with privacy.

When settings for privacy can be defined by action (eg. my music recommender may access my ‘PlayActions’ from Facebook and my smartphone, but not my ‘ExerciseActions’) and source, it would allow for a much more granular control, and maybe even self-regulation. All for!


“The advertising economy is heading for a disaster of biblical proportions. Old Testament, real wrath-of-God type stuff. Fire and brimstone coming down from the sky. Rivers and seas boiling. Forty years of darkness. Earthquakes. Volcanoes. The dead rising from the grave. Human sacrifice. Doges and Grumpy Cats, living together. Mass hysteria. Or we can do something about it.”


Feeling glum, happy, aroused? New technology can detect your mood‘ is a great write-up from CNN about some of the devices and sentiment-analysis companies also working on computing your mood.

Acquisitions & Launches

Facebook’s mobile ad network is likely to be launched end of this month, and will be presented to developers and advertisers as a way to leverage the social network’s vast database of user information for better ad targeting.

The social media/data giant has also acquired the activity diary app Moves.

AOL as well, has announced a new ‘native’ format mobile advertising offering, allowing marketers to buy ads across its own properties, as well as third-party sites in its AOL Platforms network. As the Wall Street Journal reports, Marketers can provide AOL with creative materials such as images and text, and have their ads tailored on the fly to match the sites they’re appearing on.

Papers, Research & Patents

  • Ensuring Privacy during Pervasive Logging by a Passerby (paper) – As more and more ubiquitously listening ‘capturing devices’ are released into the wild (Google Glass, Autographer, … ) privacy from other people’s recording and lifelog gear becomes just as important as the privacy of the data captured by your own devices. This article describes framework to restrict anonymous logging, unless explicitly permitted.
  • Stress Data Visualization (thesis) – Master thesis of Sofia Semikina, which looks how different types of visualisations (shape, colour, combinations), all built on the same data, influence perception of stress levels.
  • Music Recommender Adapting Implicit Context Using ‘renso’ Relation among Linked Data (paper) – Proposes a unique recommendation method using a ‘renso’ alignment among Linked Data, for better music recommendations on smartphones, using data from Last.fm, Yahoo! Local, Twitter, LyricWiki to select music according to context.

Noteworthy Events for April & May

Make-A-ThonLeuven – April 26-27
The VRT (Flemish Radio & Television) wants to know how you see the future of Radio, TV & the Internet. Team LARbitsLAB is taking part, we’re curious to see what they’ll come up with.

NEXT Berlin 2014, Berlin – May 5-6
We’re the only Belgian – BeNeLux even – company on NEXT’s Start Up Stage, where pitching is moderated by @Nero and @coletteballou. Meet up with Argus Labs at NEXT, let us know at @arguslabs !

Big Data Week Wallon – May 5-11
For the first time there’s a Belgian event calendar for Big Data Week, organised by the archives centre Mundaneum. Find the full schedule – including hackathons, exhibitions, .. – here. I’m particularly looking forward to the lecture by Kenneth Cukier (The Economist, co-author Big Data: a revolution that will transform how we live, work and think). Also have a look at the global event list, and keep an eye on #bdw14.

Job Offers

We’re actively hiring, and looking for all sorts of different profiles, such as a  Senior Data Scientist an  Senior iOS Engineer.

If you know someone who fits the profile, and would make for a great colleague, please pass this on!

Argus in the News

DataNews article by Frederik Tibau: 1,1 miljoen euro en kantoor in New York voor Argus Labs

(Euro 1.1 million and an office in New York for Argus Labs. – Argus Labs, the Antwerp company that develops self-learning software for mobile devices, has raised another Euro 400000 seed capital, bringing the total to Euro 1.1 million. Soon, the start up will open up a New York office.. – full article with Google Translate)

Until next week, and remember:
content (context) submissions – on hardware, privacy, research, use cases, … –
more than welcome @arguslabs or via ann@sentiance.com!



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