• By Sin Mei C
  • November 22, 2013

This Week in Context

Can you imagine your car painting a picture of you based on how you drive? Would you – dare – share that portrait with your Facebook friends and mom? Or would you rather have an app that automatically picks up the tab when you’re dining out? In This Week in Context, there’s Cover, the Rise sit-tracker, Art is Motion and Salesforce 1’s connection to the Internet of Things.

  • The latest upgrade to restaurant dining: no more waiting for the check
    Cover is a new context-aware app, meant to streamline payments in restaurants by removing them altogether. This article in the restyled SmartPlanet online magazine (Issue 1 has just been released!) gives a taste of the kind of transformational experiences we can expect from contextual applications. (via David)
  • Sensor overload? Rise is a wearable that tracks how much you sit
    A Seattle-based startup has built a tracker that knows when you are sitting or standing. The goal is to help people stand more and sit less. GigaOm’s Stacey Higginbotham wonders, “but is it necessary?” (via Marco)
  • Art: Let your car paint your portrait, based on your driving behaviour
    Art is Motion, a project by Happiness Brussels, sits inside a Lexus IS 300h and measures various driving parameters, such as speed, rpms, and hybrid status. This data is used to build up a “portrait” of the driver based on his driving style. This portrait is projected on the dashboard view screen, as well as sent to the Lexus website for public viewing. If the drive is mild, at low speed, and with lots of electrics being used, then the “brush strokes” are precise and the colors toward the violet end of the spectrum. If the drive is aggressive with lots of swift acceleration, then the strokes are broad and the colors go for the reds.  Art is Motion is a one-off art installation. Alas, as I do believe the idea of a portrait or some other kind of persona based on driving style could be used for feedback to a driver to provoke some reflection (and possibly improvement), rendering the abstract ‘driving behaviour’ into a more understandable image of oneself. (Additionally, one could base the backdrop of the portrait on the context – weather, traffic, city drive or land roads, …)
  • Salesforce 1: Salesforce to Commercialize the Internet of Things
    Another big, yet this time B2B player enters the IoT market. Salesforce announced Salesforce 1, a platform designed to set its customers up for the Internet of things, wearable computing and the customer connections that go with them. (via Roel) As ZDNet points out: “Salesforce will likely expand its addressable market with its Internet of Things push because the company will be able to pitch experiences and outcomes over products and services.”

Let us know if you’re doing something awesomely context-related that should definitely make next week’s list! Amongst other ways to reach us, we’re on Twitter and Google+.

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