• By Sin Mei C
  • October 30, 2013

ISWC2013 Roundup – Semantic Enrichment, GetThere and OData

56 Hours

… that’s the amount of time it took me from leaving my house to reaching my hotel room in Sydney, Australia, where I would attend last week’s International Semantic Web Conference. One delayed flight, one cancelled flight and one extended transfer in Bangkok saw my travel time pretty much doubled. Not a particularly good start to this trip.

Luckily, on Sunday, the ISWC2013 organizers were kind enough to organize a “bonding” walk for attendees from Bronte to Bondi Beach which was a great way to get to know some of the other people outside of the conference setting.


At the conference itself, the biggest highlight for me was the demo and poster session. Many of the talks in the main program where of a theoretical nature, understandable for a scientific conference. It was, however, the practical applications in the demo and poster session that tickled my fancy the most. Here’s the selection I found most interesting:

Industry Track

Of course I have to mention the Industry Track as well, which saw a great lineup of talks over a variety of subjects. From the tools for mapping relational databases to semantic representations, over the OData intiative of Microsoft, to the deeply personal motivation of the OntoForce founder to build a better healthcare data research system.

I was happy to be a small part of such a distinguished line-up of speakers. For those that might have missed my talk, or those that would like another look, I uploaded them to slideshare.

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