• By Sin Mei C
  • October 25, 2013

This Week in Context (20131025)

This week, we’ve spent significantly less time reading up on all things context-related, and more time out of the office, speaking about and gathering feedback on our concept of Jini as a platform that understands the situations you find yourself in through context, and makes that knowledge actionable – both to you, if you’d like to gain some insights to shape up your lifestyle, and to third parties who wish to serve you better.

So it is a shorter list this week, of news we find relates to the ‘context-awareness’ of things and apps. If you feel we’ve missed something important, don’t hesitate to let us know. There’s a huge field for comments below.

  • The Internet of Everything and the Future of Wearable Technology: Three Ways to Get it Right
    Thomas van Manen, in a guest blog on the Cisco blog, sums up the three most important issues about doing the internet of things right. We couldn’t agree more, as he stresses that context is key for getting personal. Another major point van Manen makes is that we need to think services, not devices; something very much echoed at AppsWorld. He also stresses the technologies still need to get better, and that “Voice and artificial intelligence together should be the main ingredients for wearable computing, and as of now, they are not yet advanced enough.” I can agree that devices should be able to reason with each other (AI), and Technicolor’s Qeo project is a great start for that, but as for voice.. I don’t see me talking to my thermostat anytime soon. Preferably, it should just know what to do. 
  • Kiip unveils new mobile ad tool for brands to target users by ‘moments’ across 1,500 apps
    Advertising platform Kiip announced will allow you to target customers more efficiently: right when they’re in the moment. Precision Moments Targeting will allow for ad triggers based on demographics and moment verticals (gaming, fitness, music, ..), as well as location, sentiment analysis and aggregated historical rewards redeeming data. (via uberlord Filip)
  • Cover, the right apps at the right time
    Cover is a context-aware replacement for the default Android lockscreen. It learns which apps you use throughout your day, whether you use them at home, at work or in your car, and shows the most relevant ones right on your lockscreen.  It also offers several shortcuts allowing you to quickly check your apps, like peeking underneath the lockscreen to glance at an app, or swiping the top right corner of your screen to quickly switch apps. Cover is currently in beta, and invite-only. (A worthy Aviate contender, pointed out by Ben.)
  • Bluetooth Controlled Lights
    At first sight, ilumi – taglined the worlds smartest lights – work like a regular light bulb in the sense that you can just screw them into a normal socket. The kicker is that through the ilumi app, you can conveniently control your lights remotely. You can tune the color & brightness, or even program your lights to create lighting magic. The ilumi secret? It’s bright, simple, andall about experience. (On TJ‘s wish list)

That’s our list for this week. Do you have news related to context-aware machinery & machinations, the Internet of Things, and Quantified – or Optimized Self you want me to mention in next week’s This Week in Context? Tweet it @getjini, or share with us on Google+.

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