• By Sin Mei C
  • October 14, 2013

ISWC2013 – How Semantic Technologies Supercharge a Platform for Context-Aware Applications

Original image by Corey Leopold (CC BY)

In a couple days, I will be boarding a plane heading for Sydney, Australia, to attend the 12th International Semantic Web Conference. This conference brings together researchers and industry practitioners to share and discuss the latest developments in the world of semantic technologies. On Wednesday, 23 October, I will be presenting how Jini uses semantic technologies such as JSON-LD and Linked Data principles to build a platform for context-aware services. Wondering how to get started with Ontologies? Got you covered. Expect answers to high-levels questions, such as “How crucial is an rdf-store for a semantic application?”, as well as bite-size take-aways that help you get started right away.

You can find How Semantic Technologies Supercharge a Platform for Context-aware Applications (abstract) at the Industry Track, October 23rd, starting at 12:20.

Looking out for

With several tracks of tutorials, workshops and talks happening at the same time, there is a lot going on at once. While going through the program, here are some of the sessions where you will definitely find me at:

  • SSWS2013, the 9th International Workshop on Scalable Semantic Web Knowledge Base Systems: The Jini contextualization platform can without doubt be characterized as a semantic knowledge base system, so I hope to learn about strategies for managing large-scale semantic processing in this workshop.
  • URSW2013, the 9th International Workshop on Uncertainty Reasoning for the Semantic Web: As we add more and more data streams to our platform, reasoning about uncertainty in them becomes more important. Several streams might contain the same or similar data, but at different granularities, resolution and precision. Having ways to deal with these aspects is a necessity.
  • COLD2013, the 4th International Workshop on Consuming Linked Data: The fourth edition of this workshop has industrial Linked Data ecosystems as a special theme, which makes it especially relevant for us. Insights gained that help us better define and facilitate how Linked Data can be consumed, might find a direct application in the Jini platform.
  • SSN2013, the 6th International Workshop on Semantic Sensor Networks: When you talk to someone about contextualization and context-aware services, sensor quickly pop up. As such, sensor streams are (intended to be) an integral part of platform. Getting them on the platform is only part of the story though, how to deal with the data they generate is just important. Both of these should be touched on during this session.
  • The Industry Track: Not only will I be sharing some of the knowledge we gained in developing and deploying a platform for semantic processing in this track, many of the other talks should have interesting stories to tell about their experiences with semantic technologies.
  • The Streams Session: Representing continuous sensor data streams (e.g. a temperature sensor) brings its own challenges compared to discrete events (e.g. Instagram posts). This session promises to provide fresh ideas on this.
  • The Knowledge Discovery Session: A big part of what we work on boils down to uncovering new bits of information and knowledge from the data streams we pull in. Getting the inside story on novel research on this topic could prove very valuable.

Reach me

Want to get in touch while I’m in Australia and have a chat about semantic technologies, context-aware services or the best way to cook a kangaroo? Message me on email, tweet @dafmetal, Google+ or Facebook and we’ll set something up. No need to attend the conference itself, if you’re in Sydney between 20-25 October we’ll make it work!

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