• By Sin Mei C
  • March 1, 2013

Video: Context and the Jini Effect

“When we first started building Jini, we imagined a future where your smartphone would behave as a sixth sense to a user. A world in which a mobile would become a context-aware device, capable of interpreting your behaviour and automatically understanding what you need.”

Although Jini isn’t all-knowing yet, by now she has an impressive amount of ‘automagic’ tricks up her sleeve.  This short video, made for the Mobile Premier Awards 2013, should give you a good idea of where we are at now, and what will be available in our first private beta Jini build:

“Gathering data from a user’s environment and combining that with the sensors in a smartphone is an essential component of our mobile technology”, Steven points out in the video.  Context is indeed everything to us.

Context makes the difference between mistakingly suggesting a Happy Hardcore song at 6am, or Jini correctly reminding me I like to listen to Kosheen when driving my car. That’s before I leave my driveway, of course!  Context means knowing when I am on holiday and don’t need traffic information to work, and realizing I’ve permanently switched homes before I post it to Facebook. (If I’m moving, there’s at least two wireless access points that are going to be taken along.)  Context is about knowing ‘Sint-Michielstraat 9’ is Work. Context is that 6pm on a Sunday means I’m about to go eat some french fries.  Context is knowing that I love Italian food and James Blake – even though I didn’t like these on Facebook. It’s learning that, despite when I press ‘wake up’ on Path or (the horror) auto-schedule my tweets, on Sundays I tend to sleep in.

In short, Context is King. And there’s an endless amount of it for us to gather, normalize, interprete, categorize and put to good use. So Jini can do even more ‘automagic’. That’s what we are working on, and that’s what you can soon experience yourself, if you sign up for our private beta. See you in-app!

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